Performance Reimagined™️

Mindset work to train your mind like you train your body. 

Your state of mind matters A LOT when it comes to athletic performance. Partner with me to optimize your mindset and reach peak performance every single time.




  • You're overthinking everything at a competition
    You're not living up to the expectations you set for yourself 
    You are burned out and can't find motivation to keep going
    You're questioning your ability to reach the level you want
    You didn't make the team and now you're second guessing everything
    You're coming back from injury and your confidence is shaken


  • Your athletic career is almost over or just ended and you're completely lost 
    You've lost your identity and have no idea who you are or what you should do
    You miss having "someone telling you what to do" and don't know how to put a game plan together for yourself
    You want to shine in your new life, but you're struggling to find your peak performance in the non-athletic world

Winning is incredibly fun! The external validation that lets you know all the work you put in paid off. As an athlete, records and awards are important. But when you aren't collecting "enough", you start to question whether you really have what it takes. If you're worthy of the win.

It's never really about the win. It's about the experience.

It's about what being an athlete allows you to feel. Powerful. Bold. Exactly who you're designed to be. 

Your wins have nothing to do with awards and records. Your wins have to do with your dedication to yourself. Being an athlete doesn’t make you strong. It allows you to showcase the strength you already have to reach your full potential. All of that comes to life when your head is in the right space.

Performance Reimagined™️

Boldly go where you've already been.

No Two Athletes Are The Same

Active or retired, what gets you in the zone is unique to you. You'll master mindset and reframing techniques to access YOUR highest performance level consistently.

Warm Up • 

Uncover the patterns that lead to how you show up when it's game time. Are you in the mix or on the sidelines?

• Practice Drills •

Now that we know what works and what doesn't, we'll pick some very specific drills to get you ready for the big game. 


• Game Time •

You've given everything you have to get your mind ready! It's time to show YOURSELF what you're made of!


I started swimming when I was five. For 17 years I rode the rollercoaster of standing on top of the podium to being at the bottom of the pile. My career ended successfully, but I always felt like I could have been more. When it mattered most, I had a hard time getting my mind to work for me. It made performing at my highest level consistently really hard. 15 years later, I was in the same spot in my HR career; until I realized I had the answers all along. They came from being an athlete.


"Being coached by Lauren is both comforting and active, at the same time. Her listening skills are strong, and she creates an environment that allows me to be vulnerable and heard. Her accountability follow up is what really makes the difference. It is a pleasure to work with her."

April Petrey
Chief Implementation Officer


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