The Link Between Connection and Intuition and Your Ability to Thrive

coaching transformation Nov 23, 2020

As human beings we crave connection. We’re social beings. We desire to stand in our individuality within the context of a larger community. It’s in our nature. It’s who we are.

Enter 2020 and we were forcibly removed from one another. So we immediately turned to our innate drive to be connected. Thank goodness for the internet, social media, and the millions of other apps that allow us to instantly stay connected in a socially distant world. 

Hell! Even introverts admitted to wanting more social interaction after a while.

Connection is innate for us. We aren’t meant to be secluded. We want to be a part of the whole, while maintaining our uniqueness. In our Truest states, (more on this capital T a little later) we thrive by showcasing our individuality and talents in the context of one another; and whether we want to admit it or not, we love to watch others shine in their own lights and in their own rights. 

It’s from this state of mutual support and admiration for who and what we are as individuals and a collective tribe, our most authentic and powerful creations come alive. This is where we tap into our creative genius and start innovating. 

Think of all the wonderful things that came out of this situation:

  • Some Good News (SGN) with John Krasinski
  • Virtual wedding and baby showers (I was invited to one that’s happening in December. They’ve sent all the games we’re going to play with the invitation and we’re meeting on Zoom to celebrate the momma-to-be)
  • Instead of cutting cakes at weddings, brides and grooms are sending home individual pieces with each guest.
  • Games are becoming increasingly popular with online webinars. (I mean we’ve needed that for quite some time, so kudos to being locked away from one another to make that happen)
  • TV shows used animation to fill in gaps of episodes they shot but didn’t finish pre-lockdown 

The list goes on and on! 

And it’s likely you’ve had some pretty ingenious, creative moments along the way too.

Finding the Quiet in Life 

While the lockdown wasn’t what any of us asked for, a lot of us have admitted to slowing down and quieting some of the excess noise that comes with everyday life. Getting the kids to school, daily commute, rushing to multiple extra-curricular activities. 

It didn’t seem quiet for parents while their kids were still in school and they were struggling to teach subjects they once learned. But once the school day ended and the year was eventually over, circumstances calmed and they were able to see, taste, touch, smell, and hear more of what was really happening.

When life is quieter, you tap into your five senses and get a little more out of life. It also allows you to tap into your sixth sense. The wonderful ability to know without knowing how you know. That beautiful gift of intuition. 

Your intuition is the Truest form form of you. It harnesses all of your power, capability, and drive to create what you want in this world. 

Let me take a moment here to say a little more about the “Truest form of you”. I was very intentional to include an uppercase T vs. a lowercase t. Why? Because there’s absolutely a difference. A capital T Truth is one that is universal. It exists whether you believe in it or not. For example, you are capable of unlimited success and abundance. That is ABSOLUTELY true regardless of how convinced you are of it as this moment. Little t truth exists for a moment in time. It’s fleeting. It’s your reality at this moment. It’s what you convince yourself of every day, regardless if it’s actually true.

As I learned at iPEC, “Truth is who you really are; truth is who you think you are.” So yes, your intuition is the Truest form of you.  It’s what you know/think/feel before you convince yourself otherwise.

Link Between Intuition, Creative Genius, and Connection

Your intuition is the deepest root of your creative genius. Have you ever been hit with the most innovative and random idea that finds the solution you’ve been looking for or fills a gap in your life? Some call this a eureka moment. I call it your thriving intuition. Those moments where you’ve quieted your mind by literally not thinking and BAM! you’re struck with a genius idea on how to move something forward. 

Ok, so what does this have to do with connection? In a word: everything. Your intuition is yours alone, but it thrives in the presence of a larger tribe. Our drive to pool our collective human talents leads to amazing innovations. Back to the 2020 example. We were forced to separate, but we immediately turned to connection in order to fulfill quite a few of our basic human needs. With fewer of life’s normal distractions, we quieted our minds and allowed our Truest selves time and space to come alive; albeit subconsciously because you likely didn’t know it was there, but who cares how it happened, right?

Don’t Feel Like Your Intuition Came Alive?

You might be sitting there saying, “yeah, OK, literally nothing like that happened for me over the last 8 months.” And that very well may be the case, which makes total sense! 2020 has looked wildly different for every single person. It may very well be true your 2020 was WAY more hectic than any other year. If you’re a parent with school-aged children who also works that absolutely stands to reason. You may have not felt calm or quiet. Those moments were likely few and far between. 

Even if this wasn’t your year for calm and quiet, you’ve absolutely had those intuitive moments that sparked surprising creativity. Those reside in the True you. 2020 is only the true you.

Tap into Your True Self More Regularly

It can be challenging to tap into the True you. Particularly if your inner naysayer is loud with a few different messages. Not sure what an inner naysayer is? AKA your inner critic, your gremlin, the inner voice that says “you can’t”, the one who convinces you of impostor syndrome. There isn’t a human on this planet that hasn’t dealt with their own naysayer. It’s there for a reason: protection from “bad” things, emotions, outcomes. It’s certainly well intentioned, but definitely not helpful. Your inner naysayer keeps you from tapping into your Truest form. It keeps you playing small so you don’t get “hurt”, but prevents you from stepping into exactly who you are.

Follow these 3 simple steps to gain more access to your Truest self:

  • Pay attention to your random a-ha moments: Physically stop and examine the moment. What was happening just before? What came up for you? What were you able to figure out, move forward? What was the first emotion you felt in that moment? What is one step you can do to hang onto the emotion to maintain momentum?
  • Separate your naysayer from you: While that voice feels like it’s a part of you, it isn’t. It’s a defense mechanism created subconsciously several years ago to protect you from getting hurt. The most effective way to quiet that voice is to give it an identity separate from your own. Name? Gender? Age? (Pick traits dissimilar from anyone you know to avoid associating that person with the naysayer ...even though it may have stemmed from a specific person).
  • Celebrate others. This one sounds counterintuitive, but just stay with it. We’re individuals designed to stand out based on our uniqueness with the innate desire to belong to the larger whole. While we are separate entities we’re tied to one another on very deep biological and spiritual levels. The majority of us believe it takes a village, so celebrate that village. The more you celebrate those around you, the more you can access your Truest self. By placing emphasis on the amazing ability of others, you start to see yours more readily and gain confidence to step into them. Don’t believe me? Celebrate others for just one week and see what happens to you.


Your biggest desire in life is accessing your highest potential; your Truest self. No one wants to live under the weight of their self-imposed limitations. Most just choose to do so because they don’t know any better. They aren’t aware another way of life is possible. As a coach, this is my mission: to support you in accessing your Truest self.

If you’re feeling stuck and want to explore another way of viewing yourself and seeing what’s possible, download the free guide and schedule your introductory call straight away. 

You are worthy of everything you want in this world. Tap into your Truest self and allow your unique light and charm shine for all to see. Empower and celebrate others to do the same.



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