Manifest a Life Full of Abundance

energy mindset Nov 30, 2020

Let’s get super real. Most of 2020 for nearly all of us has had us feeling like a victim at some point, if not multiple points. With our governors shutting down most of life, being trapped in our homes and told how many people we can have there, we’ve all felt at the effect of life. Like we have no control, there’s nothing we can do, we have absolutely no choice on how to live our lives.

Absolutely! It makes total sense we’ve all felt like victims this year. 2020 has been the year from hell. It would be 100% surprising if at no point you didn’t want to scream, punch, or ravage your house out of pure anger and frustration. 

What do you think 2020 would have been like if we took the exact opposite point of view? If we had the consciousness and the will power to see past all the sh*t happening around us, and fully and unequivocally believed we could manifest anything and everything we wanted despite what life was throwing at us. 

How possible do you think it is to approach 2021 with that mindset?

Abundance and Manifestation

So what are these concepts anyway?

According to Google:

Abundance: a very large quantity of something

Manifestation: the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real

My definitions:

There’s enough of everything to go around. 

The ability to create something from nothing. 

Scarcity is a concept we’ve created to fill the gap when we don’t get what we want.  

Infinite possibilities exist.

If you can think it, you can create it.

It’s the space where you hold absolutely no judgment. Pure joy and peace are felt in every moment with everything. Winning and losing don’t exist. Life is simply an experience to simultaneously live and observe. 

The Challenges with Abundance and Manifestation

Earlier this year, I completed the 21 day abundance meditation by Deepak Chopra. I had no idea who he was or what he stood for, but the moment I started, I was hooked. If you’re interested in learning more about it, look here.

For 21 days, I completed a meditation centered on the idea of abundance in all areas of life. Money, love, energy, intention, anything I could imagine. It was absolutely life changing. And yet, despite this practice and awareness, I struggled to get through 2020 with this lens. Why?

I’m human. 

While I encourage everyone to reach a place of truly believing in these concepts, it’s not a place to live. Humanity doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon, and I will continue to experience catabolic/destructive energy. To which I say, “Yes! Absolutely!” Doing so keeps me tied to the human experience, and allows me to continue to grow and learn from everything that comes into my life.

If you constantly lived in a state of pure bliss and enlightenment, you would miss out on all of the things that challenge your thoughts and emotions. The things that allow you to grow well beyond the version of you that exists today. 

So Then What’s the Point of Abundance and Manifestation?

If it’s not a place to live, then why does it matter? How can it be accessed?

The objective of these concepts is three-fold:

  1. Truly believe in their existence
  2. Truly believe in your ability to experience this kind of energy
  3. Truly believe in your power to harness them and reach your peak performance and unlimited potential

The space where these concepts exist is the same space where your unbridled passion and purpose reside. Your power, intuition, and capability are so strong here, you can create something from absolutely nothing.  The space where your Truest self has absolutely no reason to believe it can’t or won’t. 

How to access your abundance and manifestation:

  1. Identify your passion and purpose. With what topics or activities do you feel the  most creative? The most uninhibited? The most empowered and ignited? What could you talk about for days to anyone? What do you want to keep learning about? These answers will point you on the path to your deepest desires, and the moments in which you experience true abundance and can manifest whatever you want. 
  2. Generate joy in all of life. Get in the habit of seeking pure bliss in everything that happens to you. Start a daily gratitude journal. Celebrate the moment that brought you the most anabolic/constructive energy that day, as well as the one that brought you the most catabolic/destructive energy. Pinpoint the lesson learned and how it can contribute to your continued growth and the version of yourself you want to become.
  3. Remove expectations. The energy experience is directly tied to the outcomes we set for everything we do in life. When we get the outcome we want = anabolic energy. When we don’t get the outcome we want = catabolic energy. What would it feel like to completely eliminate expectations and focus solely on the emotion you want to experience in the moment? By centering yourself on the emotion you're after, you have much greater control over the thoughts that help get you there, thus naturally removing focus on any specific outcome. When you focus more on intentionally experiencing the energy you want, that energy finds you.
  4. Be open to what others teach you. I’m sure you’ve heard me say, “everyone we meet is both teacher and student.” What would your life look like if you paid more attention to what others teach? And I don’t mean, what they may literally teach you. I mean what do you learn about yourself when you interact with them? How do they complement your values (or not)? How do they play into your passion and purpose (or not)?


You are completely and absolutely capable of accessing your Truest self and reaching peak performance and unlimited potential. The biggest obstacle standing in your way is you. You Truest self is the version you were meant to be and would live as every day if your mind didn’t convince you otherwise.

What’s one step you could take today to put yourself on the path to your Truest self? The possibilities are truly endless; one of the most direct paths is to explore coaching. Schedule an introductory call today to figure out how coaching can unlock your unlimited potential and ability to create whatever it is you want in this life.



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