Achieve Peak Performance Without Burnout

"Sometimes your B+ effort is all you need."

"Ummm excuse me? No. Absolutely not. I couldn't possibly give less than 150%. It's who I am. It's how I operate. Giving anything less is never an option. How could I possibly get what I want without giving everything I have?"

The Mindset of A High Performer

Whether you're an athlete, CEO, entrepreneur, high powered executive, or any other "high performer" label. the notion of giving anything less than over 100% isn't part of your DNA. You couldn't fathom it. Giving everything you have is how you've gotten to where you are. 

But no doubt you've felt fatigue and burnout along the way. You've had to take a significant break to regroup and get yourself back on track. A break much longer than you anticipated. A break that left you feeling even worse than when you started feeling burnout. 

It's a vicious cycle. And one that plagues high performers in any realm. 

The stamina, the resilience, the ability to push through and get stronger is the ultimate driver. But like any good exercise plan, every high performer requires periodic rest days intentionally included to avoid burnout. 

Rest days help maximize psychological strength. Even industrial machines, while designed to be efficient and nearly full proof, require repair after significant sustained use.

How to Break the High Performance Grind

Train your mind like you train your body. Put your mind on a plan. Include various exercises to strengthen it in different ways along with rest days to ensure it has time to relax, regroup, and reform so it's stronger than it was before you started. 

I used to say it was just like working the body. Same principles apply - push to the brink of "breakage" and then with proper rest, recovery, and nutrition it will come back stronger than ever. 

But that's not how the mind works. Pushing it to the brink, to its edge, to the point you feel like you're going to break isn't healthy. It's not like the body. Minor tears in brain fibers take a whole hell of a lot longer to heal ... hell even notice ... than minor tears in your muscle fibers.

Psychological strength isn't built the same way as physical strength. The body requires giving significant energy to find significant energy. The mind requires peace, calm, and quiet in order to find significant energy. 

Sometimes the mind needs to give a B+ to make sure the A+ is ready when it's needed most. 

Building Psychological Strength

I recently sat down with April Seifert, co-founder of Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength and host of the Building Psychological Strength Podcast to talk about the concept of psychological strength in high performers and how to avoid burnout. 

Check out the episode to hear what we explored and how it might support you in reducing your burnout and enhancing your performance. 




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